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To be updated. These links work now, but the industry has changed since I built this page.

Piano technicians' websites

Audrey Karabinus
Ray Klapwyk
Ira Langlois
Dean Petrich
Kenn Wildes

Historical Temperaments

Lehman: Bradley Lehman offers here a keyboard temperament analyzer/calculator, along with cogent explanations of the need for temperament.
The Well-Tempered Clavier: Fictional, entertaining and instructive account of all the Preludes and Fugues.

Tools and Supplies

HobbyLinc CA Glue: Good source for CA glue for loose tuning pins.
www.pianosupply.com/: International Piano Supply, in Astoria, OR.
Pianotek Supply Company - including Spurlock's tools
Mother Goose Tools
Piano Forte Supply House: located in B.C.
Balaams-Ass, piano supplies catalog based in Tennessee
Renner USA tools and information Arledge Music Wire: for ordering piano bass string replacements.

Piano-Related Software

Pscale and other computer tools for piano technicians. Calculate touchweight, stringing scales, and more. 
www.oppor-tune-ist.com for ScaleMaster, which Joe Garrett praises
Accu-tuner: Sanderson's homepage

Of Technical Interest

Piano Serial Numbers 1: The "Blue Book of Pianos" -- serial numbers and manufacturing dates. Not very up-to-date, and somewhat inaccurate in Steinways.
5 piano acoustics lectures. The five lectures describe the underlying physics upon which all detailed modeling of piano tones must be based. Extraordinarily useful.
Piano Technology Practice Exams: Online multiple choice tests in piano technology.
TuneLab's home page: For users of Bob Scott's TuneLab
Pianotech -- The pianotech Archives: look up anything in the pianotech discussion history.
Piano on the Net: Online piano lessons!
Piano Education Resource Guide: some 40 piano resources on everything from learning and teaching piano to tuning and genre resources