"Equal-Beating Victorian Temperament". Homegrown by Bill Bremmer and eventually refined with Jorgensen's and Swafford's assistance after imbalances were pointed out by Ed Foote, Jason Kanter, Ron Koval, Kent Swafford, and Owen Jorgensen.

A Graphic History of the EBVT

"Do the results create: F3-C4 pure? C4-F4 pure? F3-Bb pure? Bb3-F4 pure? F#3-C#4 pure? G#3-C#4 pure? F3-A3, G3-B3, G3-E4 and C4-E4 all beating exactly the same, 6 beats per second? A3-C#4 and Bb3-D4 beating exactly the same, about 9 beats per second? G3-D4 and A3-D4 tempered exactly the same, about 2 beats per second? Ab3-Eb4 and Bb3-Eb4 tempered exactly the same, very little, less than in ET? These are the features of my EBVT." (8/29/02)