Homage to Jorgensen

Most of the information in this website is cheerfully lifted from Owen Jorgensen's monumental tome, Tuning: Containing The Perfection of Eighteenth-Century Temperament; The Lost Art of Nineteenth-Century Temperament; and The Science of Equal Temperament. To save space, I have summarized Jorgensen's wording and decided in many places to eliminate quotation marks and just admit at the outset that it is all taken from his book. Each image contains a citation for the source of the information, generally a page in Jorgensen.


I must say that as a professional organizer of information, I am staggered by the amount of research that Jorgensen managed to capture. It is regrettable that the book has gone out of print. My effort here should be thought of as a supplement to Jorgensen. There may be places where I have misinterpreted the data, and I take full responsibility for that.


There are temperaments here that you will not find in Jorgensen: Coleman, Bailey, Koval, Wendell, Secor, Di Veroli, Bremmer, and Jorgensen's own improvement on Prinz/Kirnberger. In each case I have made comments drawn from personal emails or website postings. Again, if I have misrepresented anything, please let me know and I will promptly fix it.


You may download a somewhat current PDF file (9/29/06) of these charts here. This is a large file, over 6 MB, so expect it to take a while. 


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